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Douglas J. Ernest -
My Story, My Life,
My Legacy


Picture of Douglas Ernest 4111 Meadow Dr Grapevine TX 76051

My name is Ret. Capt. Douglas J. Ernest- welcome to my website.
My goal is to inspire as many people as possible with my story, and my message.

I have been blessed with the incredible opportunity of leading and mentoring soldiers on and off the battlefield, to building and scaling Corvette Warehouse of Dallas TX- the largest selection of vintage to late-model Corvettes in the southwest of USA. Throughout my journey, my unwavering mission remains the same: to lead with 100% accountability, honor, and unwavering patriotism.

Picture of Douglas Ernest at 4111 Meadow Dr. Grapevine, TX 76051

Corvette Warehouse

Are you a lover beautiful sports cars like I am? I have quite the collection... 

A red C3 Chevy Corvette Dallas TX

My Ebook

Check out my new ebook titled The Spirit of a True Patriot: The Inspiring Story of Ret. Captain Douglas J. Ernest

The Spirit of a True Patriot.png

Corvette Warehouse Dallas Started From A Dream

When people hear my story, and what made me who I am today...

They're often in disbelief at how much it took to get Corvette Warehouse where it is today. We've been through a lot, and around each corner, it has been a total thrill ride of emotions as well as excitement. The discipline that it takes to make it in business is less about what you're made of and more about what you choose to do when you don't get your way. You can be the strongest person and give up when the going gets truly tough. It takes consistent risk, fearlessness, and unwillingness to give in to the easy way out. It's all about the decision in the hardest of moments. Because of my tough decisions, the late nights with the debt-monster lurking in the shadows, Corvette Warehouse is a story of triumph--and a masterclass on intestinal fortitude. 

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